High Falls Trail

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High Falls Trail

Here we are, visiting a waterfall in the middle of winter again.

High Falls on the West Fork of the Tuckaseegee River is a place I’ve heard about for years but only visited for the first time recently.  I fell in love and have already returned to it.

It was a bright, chilly afternoon at the trailhead, but as we descended, the light thinned out and the air grew colder.  The sun strains to peek over the mountains this time of year.  I felt like I was entering a liminal space that was both familiar and completely unknown.  How often have I admired the wildness of the Tuck in fleeting glances from behind the wheel of my car on Highway 107?  I’ve never seen it from this angle though, nor have I really stopped to listen to it.  A change of perspective can open up entire new worlds.

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