Highlands Dive

Highlands Dive

Kay Craig, one of the movers and shakers behind The Ugly Dog Pub said, “We need a bar in Highlands, an adults-only gathering place that’s open before, during, and after restaurant hours.”

She and husband Thomas envisioned a place that would cater to visitors and locals, particularly servers who are working during prime time and could use a daily, after-hours unwinder.

So they came up with a creative plan. They would establish a new bar and call it the High Dive, a play on words: “high” for Highlands and “dive” for a cool place to hang.

In North Carolina, if it’s not a restaurant, it has to be a club with a membership fee. To comply, they agreed on a $1 annual membership charge that will allow anyone over 21 to instantly join the fun.

“In a restaurant, people feel rushed, whether they are or not,” says Kay. “They hesitate to sit and mingle, lest another group is waiting for their table. At the High Dive, it’s more of a stay-and-
socialize atmosphere.”

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